Ladies Luncheons

Coffee Break for the 1966 ladies, Tuesday, September 1st 2020, 10 am

Kay Johnson S, Linda Kalnen S, Dayre Merritt H, Linda Cuddington P, Cindy Carter M.
Added Martha McInnis W. in center.

In person lunches on HOLD

Ladies Luncheon Chairperson Mary Alice Corbett Howard is looking at Wrightsville Beach for lunch. We await the governors direction on meetings and gatherings.

Monday, March 9, 2020 11:45 at Porches Cafe

October 16, Cape Fear Seafood in Porter Neck 12 noon – 2 pm. Only two ladies attended. It was decided to cancel the winter luncheon and postpone until the spring.

Are you receiving our email invitations? If not, please call Linda Kalnen Sykes and give her your email address. We want to see you with us.

July 17, 2019 Henry’s (Below)

Mary Alice Corbett Howard, Linda Cuddington Page, Kay McKeithan Warner, Alison Smith Sineath, Dianne Rouse Ward
Linda Cuddington Page, Kay McKeithan Warner
Mary Corcoran, Marion Perten Sullivan, Pamela Allen Broussard, Linda Kalnen Sykes
Alison Smith Sineath

April 17, 2019 at Olympia (Below)

L-R Leslie, Diane W, Mary C,Faye S, Marion S, Christie H, Dianne W, Linda K, Mary H, Mary, Patty G, Mary Eliz R, Jane R (not pictured)
  • L -Faye Spivey
  • R – Linda Kalnen Sykes
  • L- Patty McMahon Goodman
  • R – Dianne Rouse Ward
Faye Spivey, Jane Metts Rippy, Mary Corcoran
  • Christie Johnson Hawkins
  • Marion Perten Sullivan
  • Leslie Allen Yarborough
  • Mary Elizabeth Roberts
  • Faye Spivey
  • Mary Corcoran

January 2019 at the Boat House (Below)

Nancy Smith Coleman, Linda Simon Fedler, Linda Rackley Longley , Rosemary Pelland Watkins
Mary Broadfoot Ivie, Marion Perten Sullivan
Mary Alice Corbett Howard, Diane Rouse Ward, Linda Baldwin Moore
Mary Corbett Howard, Kay McKeithan Warner, Alison Smith Sineath
Marion, Kay, Mary, Rosemary

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