70 Birthday Bash

February 17, 2018 WB Surf Club

Birthday Party Goers
Alan “Buddy” Blake
Alton LeRay and Granddaughter Ashley

Garland Sykes, Vincent Broussard, Charles Wilson and Barbara Halterman Wilson
Barbara Reece, Vincent Broussard
Bday Barbara Block Weide, Sherry Southerland Carter, Rosie Stefano Binkley
Pamela Allen Broussard, Garland Sykes ’65, Linda Kalnen-Sykes, Susan Howell Collins’67
Billy Williams, Earl Ward ’65
Brenda Blackmon White
Butch Martin, Peggy Seegars
Teacher Dr. Charles Coble, Linda Kalnen – Sykes
Catherine Jordan Simmons and Jerry
Bar Snacks before dinner – Yummy
Lots of chatter and fun
Making new memories
Sandy and Tommy May
David and Diane McKoy Woodbury
David and Susan Bridgers
David and Yvonne Dowless Culp
David & Susan Bridges, Sherry Southerland, Debbie Brown
Welcome to visiting 1965 class members and David Woodbury
David Woodbury and Jane Metts Rippy
Dennis Smith and Linda Weeks Smith
Dianne Rouse Ward, Earl Ward ’65
Maclyn and Dick Slack Class President
Dinner was delicious!!
Donald and Marion Perten Sullivan
Donna Stevens Wilson, Johnny Wilson
Pamela Allen Broussard, Linda Kalnen Sykes, Garland Sykes help Dru Farrar ’68 at registration desk.
Dianne and Earl Ward, Susan and David Bridgers
Dianne Rouse Ward, Pete Carlotti Jr and wife
Ed Wilkie ’67 registers
Executive Reunion Committee, Linda Kalnen Sykes, Jackie Braddy Dempsey, Pamela Allen Broussard
Fred Crouch and friends
Peggy Seegars, Butch Martin
Sophie and Gary Hamm ’68
Diane and Gene Kennedy

Birthday Presents

Garland Sykes aids in distributing Booklets to David Woodbury and Brent Moore
Garland Sykes ’65, Pamela Allen Broussard and Vincent Broussard
Debbie and Ed Wilkie ’67, Steve Watkins ’65 and Rosemary Pelland Watkins.
Gwen Bellamy Varsamis and Kimmon Varsamis
Gwen Bellamy Varsamis, Linda Kalnen Sykes
Jack and Linda Rivenbark Britton
The Kennedy’s, The Bridgers, Jackie Braddy Dempsey
Jane Metts Rippy, Linda Weeks Smith
Jenelle Holder Shores, Mary Carter Neighbors, Henry “Hank” Strickland
Jackie Braddy Dempsey, Jenelle Holder Shores
Jenelle, Vinnie, Mary, Garland
Jane, Gene, Diane
Johnny Wilson, Pete Carlotti
Linda Baldwin Moore, Brent Moore
Linda Baldwin Moore, Teacher Dr Charles Coble
Can you name everyone now?
Louis Cohen
LInda Kalnen Sykes, Earl Ward
Mary Alice Corbett Howard, Catherine Jordan Simmons, Jerry Simmons
Mary Broadfoot Ivie, Dianne Rouse Ward, Brenda Blackmon White
Mary Carter Neighbors reviews the new contact information booklet
Mary Carter Neighbors, Henry “Hank” Strickland
Mary Carter Neighbors, Jack Britton, Pete Carlotti
Mary Grubbs Gnau, Eric Gnau
Mary Grubbs Gnau, Georgia Spiliotis, Kay McKeithan Warner,
Sam Baker and Maxine Warshauer
Michael Coleman, Harris Hackett
Norman Akel does the honors of snuffing out the candles to cut the birthday cake.
Each layer a different flavor.
Norman Akel, Jack and Linda Britton
Treasurer Pamela Allen Broussard and Vincent Broussard
Michael Pearsall and Johnny Watkins
Peggy Payne, Maxine Warshauer
Class President Dick Slacks table
Ann Ficklen Little and Ann Broadfoot Ivie
Mr & Mrs Johnny Watkins, Jane Metts Rippy
Sid Little, Norman Akel, Ann Ficklen Little, Mary Broadfoot Ivie
Bday Steve George, Wayne Raynor, Suzanne Borneman George, Jeanne Simms Raynor
Susan Howell Collins and Bobby Collins ’67
Susan Jackson Pelletier, Diane McKoy Woodbury, Susan Howell Collins ’67
Susan Jackson Pellitier, Harris Haskett
Suzanne Golding McCarthy
Susan Williams Galpin – music too good not to dance
Susan William Galpin and Dennis Smith
Susan and Hank Strickland
Suzanne Borneman George, Ann Ficklen Little, Steve George
Thomas Clark, Hank Strickland, Mary Carter Neighbors, Jenelle Holder Shores, Linda Altobellis
Wayne Raynor, Harris Haskett, Jeanne Simms Raynor, Janet Coleman
David and Diane Woodbury, Linda and Brent Moore, Sophie and Gary Hamm

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