Reunion Committees

1966 Reunion 2021

Honors NHHS 100 yr


First Virtual Meeting April 26, 2020  Purpose to delay reunion to November 13, 2021, WBch Surf Club 4:30 pm – 10:00

Above: Jackie B Dempsey, Linda Kalnen Sykes, Rosie Stefano Binkley, Jane Metts Rippy

Below: Linda R Longley


New Committee Forms, January 26, ’20

We welcome more classmates to the committee anytime.

Attending: Rosie Stefano Binkley, Rod Maguire, Jane Metts Rippy, Linda Baldwin Moore, Helen Sanderlin Bennett, Linda Lackely Longley, Linda Simon Fedler, Jackie Braddy Dempsey, Marion Perten Sullivan, Linda Kalnen Sykes.

Welcome to new committee member Mary Alice Corbett Howard who joined in March.




70th Birthday Party Reunion Committee

Chairperson/Webpage: Linda Kalnen

Treasurer/Research: Pamela Allen Broussard

Name Tags/Research: Vincent Broussard

Address Labels/Research: Debbie Brown

Singles Liaison/Research: Jane Metts Rippy

Party Favors/Research: Dianne Rouse Ward

Video/Research: Jackie Braddy Dempsey

Band/Research: Alan “Buddy” Blake

Cake: Rosemary Pelland Watkins

Decorations: : TBA

Research: Linda Rackley Longley

Research Chairman: Joe Pace

Research: Gwen Bellamy Varsamis

Research: Joy Wilson Southerland

Research: Barbara Halterman Wilson

Surf Club: Douglas Fox


1959 Class – David Ward, Ronald Benson

1965 Class – Buddy Langley

1967 Class – Glenn Davis, Sandee Spradley

1968 Class – Dru Farrar, Martha Robinson Thomas, Gary Hamm                        

50th Reunion  Committee Listed Below:

Linda Kalnen -Secretary, Web page,  Booklet & Research

Rosemary Pelland Watkins – Treasurer & Research

Vincent Broussard – Classmate Roster, Name tags & Research

Pamela Allen Broussard – Mailing Labels, Name Tags & Research

Dianne Rouse Ward – Memorials, Obtaining Door Prizes & Research

Jackie Braddy Dempsey – Meet/Greet Party & Research

Esther Drakos Smith – NHHS Photo/Tour &  Research

Alan Blake – Reunion Stamp, Band & Research

Joseph Pace – Missing List/Memorial Date Research

Original board member of the non-profit, “The Class of 1966”

Douglas Fox – Sponsor for party at WB Surf Club

Kay McKeithan Warner – Door Prizes, Souvenirs

Helen Sanderlin Bennett – Singles Liaison

Linda Simon Fedler – Assistant Single Liaison

Linda Cuddington Page – Co Chair Decorations

Alison Smith Sineath – Co Chair Decorations

Linda Baldwin Moore – Research

Jane Metts Rippy – Research

Albert Cooke – Research

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